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Monilus raffles will be held on the Monilus Telegram channel, stay tuned...

Many people will have the chance to win different prizes by participating in Monilus' sweepstakes, which are usually announced via social media accounts, giving participants a fair chance to win. Prizes can range from $Monx Token, Monilus-specific products and technological devices.

Monilus' social media accounts also include detailed explanations when announcing these sweepstakes. Information such as participation conditions, sweepstakes dates and prize details are shared clearly. This way, users have accurate and reliable information about participating in the sweepstakes and winning prizes.

Moreover, Monilus' social media interaction is not limited to sweepstakes. Updates, technological developments and important announcements about the project are also shared regularly. In this way, users can closely follow the progress of the project and be informed about new developments.

All these events and social media interactions enable Monilus to reach a wide audience among users and to announce its technological innovations to a wider circle. In addition, by demonstrating an approach that values its participants, it increases interest and trust in the project.